Investment Focus
Magnum focuses on making primarily control investments
in Iberian-based companies with attractive business models
in the industrial and services sectors, which may expand internationally

The Firm specifically targets companies with significant
value creation potential, where Magnum can leverage
the team's management and operational capabilities and first-class network of relationships to transform companies into global or regional leaders.

In general, the companies in which Magnum invests in are
at a transition point in their development, and Magnum acts as catalyst for change for those businesses.

Magnum will generally target equity investments of €50
to €150 million in companies with €100 to €800 million of enterprise value, although larger or smaller investments may be selectively considered.
Investment Criteria
Magnum identifies and pursues market-leading companies that have been typically constrained from reaching their
full economic potential

Examples of such companies include:

  • Domestically-oriented companies with potential for international expansion.
  • Family-owned companies with potential for further professionalisation of management and increased operating efficiencies
  • Dormant spin-offs in need of focus and resources
  • Companies with a misaligned shareholder structure and/or family succession challenges

Magnum systematically conducts a detailed due diligence exercise before any investment decision is aproved. Each potential investment is reviewed by the Team together with specialized industry expertise.
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