The firm invests in mid-to-upper middle market Iberian companies, with the objective of creating value by building stronger, better companies. Magnum seeks to leverage the team’s +100 years of collective experience as private equity investors, senior operators, industrial portfolio managers and professional advisors, to generate superior returns for its investors as well as for the portfolio companies and their employees.

We invest in Iberian companies that are seeking for a partner who can provide financial, strategic and operational support

Some of the distinctive factors of Magnum are:

  • Investment team with a long track record of trustworthiness, integrity and value creation
  • Active ownership model fully oriented to drive the growth and the business transformation of companies in Iberia
  • Flexibility to adapt to the needs of founders, family owners and management teams
  • Equity tickets usually ranging from €30-100 million, although larger or smaller investments may be selectively considered. Preference for prudent capital structures
  • Sector-generalist approach but with relevant experience in healthcare, education, technology and industrial companies

We apply an Active and Responsible ownership approach to transform the portfolio companies to create lasting value

Disciplined investment selection

Our investment model starts with a rigorous due diligence process to assess and measure risks and identify the levers for creating value

Magnum systematically conducts a detailed due diligence exercise before any investment decision is approved. Each potential investment is reviewed by the Team together with specialized sector experts.  We aim at understanding every business we analyze to the utmost detail, as “industrial partners”.

Once the risk assessment has been conducted, an essential criterion for the final investment selection is to confirm the capacity to implement initiatives to drive change and build better companies.

To identify these opportunities, we rely on an extensive network of relationships and advisors combined with a focused methodology which allow us to access recurrent proprietary deal flow.

Active support in growth strategies

Magnum acts as an active shareholder in its portfolio companies, playing a key role in their strategic and operational development

We are proud of our systematic and hands-on approach to the portfolio management, acting as a catalyzer for organic growth and transformational M&A in the companies we invest in. We believe that the combination of our industry knowledge, investment and operational expertise provides us with an edge in identifying and creating value in investment opportunities.

The initiatives more recurrently implemented are as follow:

  • Add-on investments 
  • Internationalization processes
  • Strategic repositioning
  • Digital transformation
  • Additional capital support

The number of companies in which we have had a transformative impact is the best testimony that our value creation model works.

Commitment to responsible investment

Responsible Investment is crucial to creating and protecting long-term value at Magnum portfolio companies

As part of our commitment to responsible investment policy, a plan is designed at entry to solve environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues identified in the Due Diligence, to set new goals and to monitor on-going progress.

We believe that ESG topics are not to be considered from a mere compliance and risk perspective. High ESG performance can be an important driver of financial value creation during the entire investment life cycle.